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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quiz Physics yg menyesakkan..

Oh its quite bad today. I'm a bit confusing about the question where they ask the magnetic field of parallel wire.. I dont know what is the radius. Whether 0.6 or 0.12 Arghh!!! Why i need to have this problem... What a small thing. HUh ! Anyway, just now my friend ask me to take MUET form, but i am confusing whether to take it at my U or near my place. Erm, my sister said to take it outside the u because, it will be quite tough to get good band because of the high reputation of my u..

However, till now, i cant still write or speak better in English. I even still not yet exempted for level 6. The due date for speaking test is this 25th Jan ! Oh my God, next week lol. Tuesday. And for the writing test will be on 9th Feb. Ouch. I shall get headache for the two next week. My final sem examination will be begin on 14th Feb. Valentine Day. Haha,, I will be going to have date with my lovely examination paper (Understanding Islam). It will be interesting. haha lol.

Herm, saya dalam dilema nak balik minggu ni ker x.. dah 3minggu tau tak balik... huhu.. siblings laintak balik pon.. tp kesian la kat mak.. mesti beliau rindu giler.. keh3 lagipon takde sape kat rumah. adeq kat skola asrama sume,, kakak lak kat UPSI. tinggal adek yg barudarjah satu tu jer.. hehe...

ish2 ni boleh lah blanje big apple ni.. xde org pon kat rumah.. hehe.. asek big apple jer.. lain la plak.. pizza ker.. huhu..sedap gak.. nyum3..  oklah guys.. nak tengok drama (Personal Taste ni) lagi satu episod jer.. bye2


pss: teringin nak masuk contest mural untuk mahallah... tp xreti :(

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